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Frozen Bento - Gyudon Bowl

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Thinly sliced beef with onions in a sweet soy sauce over Japanese premium rice.  (12 oz)

冷凍弁当 - 牛丼、こだわりの日本産米を使用しています。

Due to the nature of the product, frozen bento boxes will be delivered by UPS 2nd Day or Next Day.
If you purchase with other items, the delivery fee will be calculated as 2nd Day or Next Day.
If you would like to reduce the delivery fee for other items with UPS Ground, please check out the the frozen bentos separately.

商品の性質上、冷凍弁当は UPS 2nd Day または Next Dayの配達となります。
他の商品と合わせてお買いの場合は、全ての配達料が2nd Day または Next Dayで計算されます。

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Frozen Bento - Gyudon Bowl